What We Do For Our Property Owners
As a full service management firm, we offer tenant placement, credit screening, maintenance, property inspections, collections, evictions and monthly financial reporting.
Tenant Placement
 We require each potential tenant to complete an application, then follow up to verify their employment, rental history, credit and criminal history. This helps assure that your property will have the best tenant possible. We do not believe that renting a property quickly is the most important job we have. We believe renting a property to a highly qualified tenant is much more important.
We coordinate quality and timely maintenance for your property.  This includes regular scheduled maintenance as well as taking care of those little surprises that inevitably come up. We even provide 24 hour emergency service seven days a week.
Evictions / Collections
If rents are not paid by the 10th of the month, we begin the processes necessary to collect rents or evict tenants.
Our company is highly automated. Each month you receive a financial statement showing monies collected and any disbursements that have been made.
Our Fees
Our leasing fee is 1/2 of the first months rent. This fee is payable no more than once a year. That means if the property is vacated unexpectadly we do not charge to place a new tenant in the home if the previous tenant was there less than one year.
Our monthly mangement fee is 10% of the monthly rent. The only exception to this is if rent is less than $500 per month. Our minimum monthly management charge is $50.
We dont get paid unless we collect rent!
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